Eleni | Maternity

In Eleni's words:

"This pregnancy has been absolutely wonderful. Very different from my first in many ways. Most significantly,  I've been able to focus so much more on how much love this baby will bring to this family. His big brother helped with that, without his love, I would never know the capacity to love this much existed. I have truly felt connected to this baby for so long, I'm ecstatic to meet him. I've learned I'm so much stronger than I thought I was and having amazing women, family, and friends around to support me is more empowering than I ever imagined it could be."

This strong mother has gone out of her way to educate and to care for herself this pregnancy and has made a point to surround herself with love and support. The hard work she's put in really shows. She is absolutely radiant and I can't wait to meet her beloved baby boy.